Anthony Cristiano met with India Weber, 
a famous blogger with whom he shares the same vision of beauty. 
An expert in beauty and always on the lookout for the latest trends, 
India will introduce you into her world.

India Weber shares, on her blog,, 

her experiences as a model from castings, to behind the scenes on shoots.  

She takes us on a journey to discover her world through pictures, 

videos and great finds in Paris or elsewhere...

1. Tips for tired eyes


Every morning when I wake up, I suffer from the same problem: my eyes are puffy.
To fix this, I have a little beauty ritual which is essential before I go on a shoot.
I apply two tea bags that have been soaked in water and left in my refrigerator overnight on top of my eyes.

I leave them for about five minutes, just enough time to allow the cool bags to act
and help reduce the puffiness in my eyes.
It's simple, fast and effective, I recommend to anyone who wants, like me, to refresh their eyes!

2. Femininity and expertise

Model and blogger India Weber meets Anthony Cristiano
at Patrick Alès' Salon in Paris.
Between them, they exchange secrets and advice
while Anthony introduced the new PHYTOKÉRATINE Extrême range.

3. Revitalize your hair


For me sensuality goes hand in hand with beautiful hair!
That's why I make sure to protect them.
To nourish and moisturize my hair properly,
I apply PHYTO's Secret de Nuit hydrating night cream and leave overnight. Or instead …

Give yourself time to relax in a hot bath and take this moment to apply this regenerating treatment.
Leave in during your bath wrapped under cellophane.
Softness and shine guaranteed!
If you really want to take care of your hair, I recommend using PHYTO.